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About Asifabad

Asifabad is a Mandal and town in Adilabad district of Telangana state. Major population of Asifabad comprises of tribal groups and scheduled castes. Telugu is the main language of Asifabad. People also speak Urdu language. Kagaznagar, Bellampalle, Mandamarri, Rajura are cities near Asifabad. The smallest village here is Danapur while the biggest village is Chirrakunta.

Adilabad district is conveniently divided into 5 divisions --- Adilabad, Nirmal, Utnoor, Asifabad and Mancherial.


Taluks near Asifabad

  • Wankidi: 15 kms.
  • Rebbena: 19 kms.
  • Tiryani: 22 kms.

Districts near Asifabad

  • Chandrapur: 74 kms.
  • Adilabad: 96 kms.
  • Gadchiroli: 132 kms.

History of Asifabad

Asifabad was ruled by Gondu Kings in ancient times. Many fossils of pre-historic period, having archaeological importance have been excavated from here. It is believed that this area experienced rich megalithic culture.

Cities near Asifabad

  • Kagaznagar: 23 kms.
  • Bellampalle: 44 kms.
  • Mandamarri: 51 kms.
  • Rajura: 53 kms.

Climate of Asifabad

Summers are hot and dry generally except when the south-west monsoon brings in cool and pleasant wind. Winter season ranges from December to February while summer season stays from March to May. June to September is time for south-west monsoon season. October and November wait as post monsoon months. Rainfall is received during south-west monsoon season. July is the month when it rains the most!

Economy of Asifabad

Agriculture is the prime occupation of the people in Asifabad. Cotton is an important cash crop that is grown here. Cotton is grown over large areas of land in Adilabad district. In fact, the Regional Agricultural Research Station situated at Adilabad has carried out a research on cotton cultivation and pest management techniques for advising farmers on how to get a better yield.

Horticulture practiced in Asifabad enables farmers to supplement their income and even earn foreign exchange.

Sericulture is also practiced here. Apart from the traditional mulberry cocoons, tusser is another important area which can augment the economy of this place. Utnoor in Telangana has a number of Tusser weaving units, training and production centres.

Animal husbandry too contributes to the income of people here. Fodder development programmes, milk chilling centres, organization of cooperative unions etc. are ways in which more income is generated.

Asifabad comprises of sedimentary terrain and is rich in coal and lime stone reserves and manganese. Many mini cement plants are located in Asifabad.

Industrial Units in Asifabad

  • The Someshwara Cement and Chemicals Ltd. Ippalanavagaon, Asifabad
  • Annapurna Cement Ltd., Samela, Asifabad
  • The Sirpur Paper Mills Ltd., Kagaznagar
  • M/s. Karthik Rukmini Alloys and Energy Ltd.,Kagaznagar, Adilabad

Handicrafts of Asifabad

In Asifabad, handicrafts such as toy making, dhokra casting etc. is famous. Nirmal in Adilabad district is especially popular for Nirmal art and crafts and Nirmal paintings. Nirmal toys --- fruits, vegetables, birds and animals look so real!

Asifabad Mandal

Asifabad is a Mandal in Adilabad District with its Headquarters in Asifabad town. It is located 100 kms from Adilabad. Asifabad Mandal has Wankidi Mandal towards the North, Rebbena Mandal towards East, Tiryani Mandal towards South and Kagaznagar Mandal towards East.

PIN Codes in Asifabad Mandal

  • Asifabad: 504293
  • Sirsilk Colony: 504296
  • Chirrakunta: 504294

Cuisines in Asifabad

People in Asifabad love to eat millet-based bread or roti as their staple food. They love onna rotte (sorghum), sajja rotte (penisetum) and Uppudi Pindi (broken rice). Gravy is known as Koora.

For the non-vegetarians, Kodi pulusu, Gongura Ghosht, Oorru Kodi Pulusu, Golichina Mamsam and Mamsam (meat) vepudu are welcome dishes. Vegetarians enjoy Vankaya Brinjal Pulusu or Vepudu, Arintikaya Banana pulusu, Telangana palakoora (dish prepared using spinach) etc. Potlakaya pulusu, or Snake gourd stew is eaten with daily meals.

Tamarind, red chilies (koraivikaram) and asafoetida are used in various dishes. Puntikura is used for preparing tasty curry! Other vegetarian dishes are sarva pindi, Gongura Chana Dal,Bachali Kura, Pachi Pulusu and Bajji.

Those with sweet tooth relish sugar madugulu, pharda pheni, kajja, sakinalu, kajji kai , poornalu, pongali and payasam.

Tourist Places near Asifabad

Gangapur Cave close by is a tourist attraction. Movvad village (18 kms. from Asifabad) is a place you must visit during weekends. Nirmal fort too is quite near to this place. Other places you must visit on your trip to Asifabad are furnished below ---

Sri Baleshwar Temple in Asifabad

The main deity of this temple is Lord Sri Baleshwar who is believed to be one of the forms of Lord Shiva. He is affectionately called Baleshwar. Shiva devotees throng to this temple in large numbers throughout the year. Homams, yagna and puja in this temple are performed according to vedic rules and regulations. Offerings such as dondajanam, payasam, pulihira and vadamala are offered in this temple.

Sri Baleshwar Temple is a medieval Hindu temple and looks more like a modern temple. The 'vihmana' or tower of the main shrine is not very high. Flooring of the temple has been done with granite slabs. Pillars in the prayer hall look beautiful with images of gods and goddesses. Sankranti, Diwali, Vinyaka Chaviti, Karteeka Pournami, Basant Navratri, Devi Navratri Ram Navami and Sri Krishna Janmashtami are celebrated in this temple with great devotion.

Other Shiva temples in Asifabad are Sri Siddeshwara Temple, Sri Vittaleshwara Temple, Sri Pandarinath and Sri Shiva Keshava Swamy Temple. There are more Shiva temples near Asifabad which include Sri Shiva Mandir (Balgampoor), Sri Rajeshwara Swamy Temple (Gondi), Sri Mahadev Temple (Kanergam) and Sri Yogeshwara Swamy Temple (Narapur).


Keslapur Village near Asifabad

Keslapur comes under Asifabad block in the Inderavelli Mandal of Adilabad district. This is a small village with around less than 900 residents but is popular all over the country! It is famous for Nagoba Temple dedicated to the worship of the Serpent God Nagoba also known as Shesh Nag.

Nagoba in Marathi language means 'Nag' or Snake. The temple is located at the confluence of the river Pranahita and the river Godavari. The festival is celebrated in the Pushya Masham (December-January).

Gond (Mesaram clan) and Pandhar tribes pray to God Nagoba. Keslapur Jathara or the Nagoba Jathara is celebrated every year in Keslapur and is a 5-day event. Devotees come here from nearby states like Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Orissa, and Chhattisgarh. During the festival devotees perform the Gusadi dance.
  • Adilabad: 32 kms.
  • Utnoor taluk: 25 kms.

Useful Phone Numbers

  • Adilabad Tourism Officer – 09440816087
  • State Tourism Department: 040-23450444, 1800-42-545454

You can stay in hotels at Adilabad or in Utnoor taluk.Keslapur is well connected with neighbouring cities by bus. Sirpur Kagaznagar Railway Station near Kagaznagar is located 23 kms. from Keslapur. Kazipet Railway Junction is located 174 kms. from Keslapur.

From Keslapur, you can also visit other tourist spots such as Kuntala Waterfalls, Jainath Temple and Pochera Waterfalls

Distance of Keslapur from Other Cities

  • Hyderabad: 326 kms.
  • Karimnagar: 183 kms.
  • Warangal: 235 kms.
  • Adilabad: 32 kms.


Sirpur (485 kms.)

There are many places you can visit in Sirpur (Chhattisgarh) located on National Highway-6. The Laxman temple in Sirpur was built in the 7th century. It is a Vishnu temple with intricate carvings on the temple walls. Gandheshwar temple and Buddha Vihara are other popular spots you must surely go to.
  • Closest Air Terminal is Raipur Airport: 78 kms.
  • Closest Railway station is Mahasamund Railway station: 29 kms.

Chandrapur (75 kms.)

Located on the banks of Irai river, Chandrapur (Maharashtra) is also referred to as 'City of Black Gold' due to presence of a number of coal mines here. There is a Tiger Park in Chandrapur. You must visit the ancient temples and forts in this town.

Do you know - Chandrapur is home to more than 10 dams and rivers

These have contributed significantly to the economy, power requirement and irrigation needs of this place. Mahakali Temple is a famous temple in Chandrapur. You must see Chandrapur Super Thermal Power Station, Tadoba National Park (45 kms.), dam on Erai River (15 kms.), Gond Raja Fort (built in 15 and early 16th century), Bhamragarh Wildlife Sanctuary and Anandvan Ashram (located in Warora town and serves as a rehabilitation center for patients suffering from leprosy).


There is more to see in Chandrapur! Wouldn't you like to visit the ancient caves located close to Chandrapur? These caves were constructed in the 8th century and were used by Buddhist monks for meditation.
  • Nearest Airport to Chandrapur is Sonegaon Airport: 150 kms.
  • Chandrapur Railway Station is well connected with other cities and towns.

Medaram (204 kms.)

This is a small village in Telangana is famous for biennial religious congregation called 'Samakka Sarakka Jatra' --- a three-day congregation. The 'jatra' is considered second largest in India after Kumbha Mela!

  • Nearest Airport is Hyderabad Airport: 140 kms.
  • Nearest Railway Station is Warangal Railway station
  • Route by Road: Warangal -> Pasra (72 kms.) -> Medaram

Transport in Asifabad

Asifabad is well connected to other major cities of the country via road and rail services.
Nearest airport is Sonegaon Airport (NAG), Nagpur, Maharashtra. Another airport is Begumpet Airport (HYD), Hyderabad (Telangana).

Railway Stations near Asifabad

  • Asifabad Road Railway Station: 19 kms.
  • Sirpur Kagaznagar Railway Station: 23 kms.
  • Rechni Road Railway Station: 33 kms.
  • Makudi Railway Station: 34 kms.

There are regular trains from major cities and towns to Asifabad. Sirpur Kagaznagar railway station (near Kagaznagar) is the nearby Railway Station. Kazipet Junction Railway Station is major railway station 174 kms. from Asifabad.

Airports Near Asifabad

  • Sonegaon Airport: 217 kms.
  • Nanded Airport: 233 kms.
  • Rajiv Gandhi International Airport: 282 kms.
  • Latur Airport : 353 kms.

Asifabad Assembly Constituency

Winner from Asifabad Assembly Constituency in the Asifabad 2014 Elections was Kova Laxmi (TRS). Asifabad Assembly constituency is a ST reserved constituency of Telangana Legislative Assembly. It comes under Adilabad (Lok Sabha constituency).

Fast Facts About Asifabad

  • District Head Quarters: Adilabad
  • Telephone Code/Std Code: 08733
  • Vehicle Registration Number: AP-01
  • RTO Office : Adilabad, Mancherial, Nirmal

Banks in Asifabad

State Bank of India
H.no :6-172,173, 1st Floor, Opp. Dcb,
Gandhi Chowk, Asifabad - 504293
Phone: 9490470183

State Bank of Hyderabad (SBH)
H.No.6 - 32. Near RTC Bus Stand
Main Road Asifabad
Phone: 8733279536, 08733 - 279537

Lakshmi Vilas Bank (LVB)
No.6 - 58/10, Beside Chaitanya Degree College,
Main road, Asifabad - 504 293

Andhra Bank
Tara Complex, Main Road, Asifabad, Adilabad - 504293
Phone: 08733 279211

AP State Coop Bank
Adilabad District Cooperative Central Bank Ltd.,
Gandhi Chowk, Asifabad - 504293

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